10 OCTOBER 2019

RDS, Dublin



Med in Ireland is  the largest medical technologies event in Ireland and a high-profile showcase for the entire spectrum of the medical technologies sector. The event showcases companies that serve the MedTech sector in areas including medical devices, sub-supply, precision engineered components, diagnostics, connected health, research and development and topics relevant to healthcare providers and clinicians.

More than 800 delegates from over 40 countries attend this event each biannual year to experience the healthcare and manufacturing sub- supply innovation that is developed in Ireland.

More then 200 buyers from global markets attend each event in search of innovative solutions that will help them to address their biggest challenges. In 2017, 272 buyers from 43 countries visited the RDS in Dublin, where 1,200 business partnering meetings were held. In addition, over 140 buyer to Irish company site visits took place.

Healthcare and manufacturing supply partners

This year, the Med In Ireland exhibiting hall will include separate sections to showcase two growing areas:


1) Healthcare industry in Ireland

2) Manufacturing and supply industry in Ireland.


The healthcare sector has grown rapidly in Ireland over the past few years with advances in digital health, diagnostics and devices across the sector. The medical sub-supply and manufacturing sectors have also seen an increase in growth, particularly in the areas of design, packaging, and development manufacturing.

What to expect at Med in Ireland 2019?

  •  A conference with high calibre keynote speakers from the healthcare and manufacturing sub-supply
  •  Over 70 indigenous healthcare and manufacturing and supply companies exhibiting from Ireland
  •  Over 1,000 business meetings
  • A showcase of the Irish MedTech sector and the supports available to Irish companies
  • Learn about medical technology research in Ireland’s Higher Education Institutes
  • Attendance from senior executives from the largest MedTech companies in the world.

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Facts about Med in Ireland

70 High profile Irish MedTech industry exhibitors

International MedTech Conference

buyer to client site visits

one-to-one meetings



Med in Ireland is Enterprise Ireland’s largest medical technologies event. Top medical technology and healthcare companies, clinicians and healthcare systems from around the world will congregate in Dublin in October 2019 to develop strategic relationships with Irish companies exhibiting at the Enterprise Ireland event.

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What People Are Saying About Med In Ireland

Med in Ireland Exhibitor Registration is now closed. We are delighted to announce that there will be over 80 companies exhibiting in the RDS on October 10th. #IrishAdavnatage

This year, the Med In Ireland exhibiting hall will include separate sections to showcase two growing areas: 1) Healthcare industry in Ireland2) Manufacturing and supply industry in Ireland. For more information check out #IrishAdvantage

Dont forget that Med in Ireland registration will be closing on Monday the 29th of April. Contact the team for more information or check out #irishAdvantage

38,000 individuals are employed within the MedTech sector in Ireland which exported €12.6 bn to over 100 countries globally. Ireland is the 2nd largest exporter of high tech medical products in the EU and recognised as a location for development/manufacture of high tech products