Ireland’s medtech sector has grown exponentially from 50 companies 20 years ago to 350 today. In fact, 15 of the world’s top 20 medical device companies have a base in Ireland and the sector employs an impressive 40,000 people throughout the country — the largest medtech employer per capita in Europe. The strength of Ireland’s homegrown industry is clear: one in five is employed directly by Irish-owned medtech companies.

It’s no surprise that Ireland exports €12.6bn worth of goods to 100 countries each year — a number that’s expected to increase thanks to a strong emphasis on research, development and innovation.

World-class capabilities in research combined with intensive collaboration between companies, research institutions and clinicians make Ireland the perfect platform for medtech companies to start, innovate and scale.

Medtech in Ireland

The medtech sector in Ireland is comprised of Medical Sub Supply, Diagnostic, Medical Device and important ancillary service companies.

Ireland’s medtech sector exports €12.6B worth of goods to 100 countries each year

38,000 people are employed by medtech — nearly one in five of whom are employed by domestic companies

€205m+ was spent on RD&I in 2015 by medtech companies  in Ireland


Medtech companies are based in Ireland — two in three of which are Irish

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