Med in Ireland 2019 will play host and showcase the entire spectrum of the Irish MedTech eco-system.  The MedTech Innovation Showcase will allow guests of the event to discover the wide-ranging support system that drives the success of Irish companies, from funding to collaboration with the research community.  This showcase will highlight the vital role played by Research and Innovation in Ireland and how it is at the forefront of indigenous Irish firms.

Who will be there?

  • Innovation Supports for Industry
  • Technology Gateway Network
  • Enterprise Agencies
  • Technology Centres
  • Trade Associations

What to expect at the Showcase?

The MedTech Innovation Showcase will act as an ideal platform to gain an in-depth insight into the landscape of MedTech in Ireland. The showcase will give guests the opportunity to interact with the various support process and also attend afternoon talks, from a selection of the Exhibiting agencies. The showcase will highlight how the Irish government fluidly encourages indigenous Irish companies to actively engage in research, development and innovation. The exhibiting agencies will display the range of supports available to facilitate collaboration with the research community, access to funding and business advisory that has help grow Ireland into a top emerging global MedTech business hub.