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Business Description

Aran Biomedical is a trusted partner in custom design, development and manufacturing of medical implant products. The company has established a proven track record in innovative design and quality-assured manufacturing, delivering solutions for a range of different markets and medical applications.

Products and Services

Aran Biomedical is a provider of end-to-end product development services, focusing on the design, development and manufacturing of biomaterial focused medical implants.
The company provides expertise in implantable medical textiles, biomaterial covering and coating of implants, as well as absorbable implant manufacturing.
The company has significant expertise in designing and developing textile solutions for implantable devices, including braiding, knitting and weaving capabilities. The company’s full service offering means companies can have their prototype developed and completely customised for its indication, from the selection of resin, yarn type, textile configuration and final design specification, to full scale volume manufacturing.
The company’s coating and encapsulation competencies allow for the covering of stents and other implantable frames. Polymeric coatings, such as urethanes, silicone, co-polymers and resorbable materials, can be applied to a range of different implantable devices, from vessel occlusion and thrombus retrieval devices, to composite hernia repair mesh. The company also offers PTFE encapsulation of balloon and self-expanding stents, with wall thicknesses as low as 40 microns. Finally, Aran Biomedical also offer electrospun coverings for implants, which can be developed using a vast range of polymers, both resorbable and non resorbable.
Aran Biomedical also possesses capabilities with regard to high strength resorbable implants. This includes high strength textiles, for use in advanced hernia repair solutions, or resorbable sutures for use in orthopaedic and general surgery applications. The company has also developed its own proprietary biomaterial processing technology, known as Bio-XT, which significantly reinforces the inherent strength of resorbable implants, such as resorbable screws and anchors for soft tissue repair.

Value Proposition

Aran Biomedical offer end-to-end product development services, from initial concept design, to volume commercial manufacturing. The company is focused on developing bespoke implantable solutions for the cardiovascular, orthopaedic and general surgery markets on behalf of OEM medical device manufacturers globally.
The company’s industry know-how, technical resources and experience, along with regulatory consultative support, ensure a smooth transition from an initial concept design, to a fully certified product.

Sector(s) Served

Implantable medical devices

Geographical Market(s) Served

Aran Biomedical provides solutions for medical implants used in Cardiovascular, General Surgery and Orthopaedic applications. The company sells globally, but primarily to US and European medical device OEM’s.


Coilleach, Spiddal, Galway.

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