Bellurgan Precision Engineering

Bellurgan Precision Engineering

Bellurgan Precision Engineering


Business Description

Bellurgan Medical has been offering a precision machining and assembly service for nearly 40 years. Active participants in the DFM process top class engineers and machine programmers ensure that the team in Bellurgan add real value well before your next product launch. Continuous investment in the latest high speed machines ensure that you are getting a competitive solution for your volume production.

Products and Services

• 7-12 Axis Multi-spindle /sliding head Lathes • 3-5 Axis high speed CNC Machining • Tolerances within 5 microns • Pro E workstations, Gibbs CAM and Esprit CAD CAM offline programming software • 30+ years manufacturing experience operating from a 30,000 sq ft facility • Bellurgan offer a wide range of finishing services: Ultrasonic cleaning, passivation, plating, heat treatment, anodising, electro polishing and hardening. • Process Capabilities include: Broaching, thread whirling, burnishing, burr free machining, mill turn and lapping.

Value Proposition

Bellurgan Medical offers an efficient and lean machining solution that has the knowledge and experience to identify real cost saving opportunities. In turn this enables customers to get their products to market on time and within budget.

Standards and Certificates

ISO: 9001; AS: 9100; ISO: 13485

Sector(s) Served

• Medical • Aerospace • Hydraulics • Green Technology • Automotive • Electronics

Geographical Market(s) Served

United Kingdom (UK), United States of America (USA), Mexico, China, Japan, Poland


Bellurgan Point Dundalk Co Louth

Contact Details

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