Clindox Limited

Clindox Limited

Clindox Limited


Business Description

Clindox is a new technology company in the pharma and medtech area. Our clients are pharma, life science, biotech and medical device companies that carry out clinical trials for their new products.

Products and Services

We offer a Software application (SaaS) for pharmaceutical and medical device companies that conduct clinical trials. We help our clients to decrease the time it takes to conduct the trial and collect the necessary data in order to validate their product. Our application is unique in that it is set up so you as a user who is in total control and can set up the study by yourself.

Value Proposition

We are changing the way, pharma, bio and medtech companies carry out clinical trials. By providing them with an innovative, user-friendly and yet cost effective application to conduct their clinical trials, we help our customers achieving their goals. Our system makes sure our customers get the correct clinical data much faster, which means that a drug or device can be launched in a shorter space of time.

Standards and Certificates

Our system is built with GCP and FDA CRF 22 part 11 in mind.

Sector(s) Served

• Pharmaceutical • Software

Key Clients

• Atlantia Food Clinical Trials • Karolinska Institute & Chordate Medical

Key Partners

• Enterprise Ireland • Karolinska Institute

Geographical Market(s) Served

France, Spain, United Kingdom (UK), Norway, Sweden, Nordics


Unit 1, Drinan Enterprise Centre Swords Enterprise Park Feltrim Road Swords, Co. Dublin

Contact Details

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