Dolmen Design and Innovation

Dolmen Design and Innovation

Dolmen Design and Innovation

Business Description

We are Ireland’s leading design and innovation consultancy.
For the past 25 years we have worked with clients across the globe, using design thinking to better understand their customers and deliver world class, internationally award winning products and services. We generate IP for our clients and lean product development underpins everything that we do.

We make ideas work.

Products and Services

We accelerate product development & design for our clients across a number of sectors. Our core team of designers, design engineers, brand specialists & innovation strategists draw on the wide ranging experience of the company to deliver innovative products that leapfrog competitors in the marketplace. In the past 25 yrs, we have developed and refined our front-end Discovery Process into a package that delivers for R&D & Marketing teams globally. We help companies innovate, expand their R&D capabilities & leapfrog their competitors. We bridge the gap between R&D and Marketing. We make ideas work. Core capabilities: Consumer Insights, Discovery, VOC (voice of the customer research), Market Insights, MVP (minimum viable product), Demo Kit Build + Testing, Proof of Principle + Testing, R&D Support, Research, R&D/Design Team Capacity Build, Product Design, Concept Development, Prototyping + Testing, CAD, Detail Development, Advanced Visualization, CMF (colour material finish), Ideation, Interactive 3D Visualization, Human Factors, Usability, Design Delivery, Project Management, Production Liaison, DFMA, Design Engineering, Product Brand, Product Packaging, Product UX.

Value Proposition

We are a product design + R&D partner. We help businesses transform their innovation pipeline by creating award winning and IP rich products.

We deliver true innovation across numerous industries: Medical, Consumer, Professional. We are a unique mix of creative+technical and we work best at the junction of R&D and marketing, accelerating products to market with deep technical knowledge and user insights.

We have over 28 years experience working with multinationals, SMEs, entrepreneurs and research groups.

We make ideas work.

Standards and Certificates

We employ ANSI/AAMI HE75:2009 HFE principles.

Our design outputs can be aligned to the client’s QC documentation for ISO 13485:2003 conformity and DHF development.

International Design Awards:
• Red Dot Product Design Awards
• IF Product Design Awards
• IFI Product Design Awards
• IFI Grand Prix Awards
• Designs of the Year (London Design Museum)
• A’ Design Award
• IDEA Award
• ICAD Award

Sector(s) Served

• Medical • Diagnostics • Life Sciences • Agri-Tech • FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) • Consumer Medical • Healthcare • Wearable Tech • ICT • Industrial Equipment

Key Clients

Teleflex, Hollister Inc, Fire1, Coroflo, Palliare, Crospon, Medtronic, BD, Boston Scientific, Cook Medical, Stryker, Panbiora (H2020 diagnostics project), Philips Respironics, Aerogen, Tyndall, RCSI, Sports Surgery Clinic, N-Pro, Vasorum.

Geographical Market(s) Served

Ireland, United Kingdom (UK), United States of America (USA), Europe


Innovation House,

DCU Alpha Innovation Campus

Old Finglas Road, Glasnevin

Dublin 11.

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