DPF Engineering

DPF Engineering

DPF Engineering

Business Description:

DPF Engineering provides bespoke engineered solutions for clients operating in highly regulated industries, who need complete parts and assemblies manufactured with proven quality and traceability guaranteed.
We have the facilities to manufacture in volume and we also facilitate low volume bespoke prototype or specialist commissions. Many of our clients work with us because of our engineering design capabilities and when needed, we can also produce small quantities of extremely complex components that add value to the client’s manufacturing process.

Our mission is to make our customer’s jobs easier by providing complete solutions, leaving you free to concentrate on your core capabilities.

DPF works with our clients to provide complete sub-assemblies as well as design for manufacturing of components. We are more than engineers – our supply chain management expertise and global network of suppliers means that we provide our customers with complete parts, saving you time and money with solutions for components, kits, assemblies and material treatments.

Products and Services:

At DPF Engineering we specialise in providing advanced machining solutions. Our experienced and talented engineering team collaborate internally to continually improve and deliver lean manufacturing processes. We utilise highly efficient, lights-out machining technology and software. Our capabilities cross over both the machining of AAt We also design and manufacture bespoke solutions for our customers operating in highly regulated industries, such as Medtech, High-Tech and Aerospace.dvanced Metals and Engineering Plastics. Our in-house design team oversees each project, and over 90% of our precision tooling business is design to build. We have extensive manufacturing capability for jigs, fixtures, special purpose tooling and high end fabrications.

Value Proposition:

DPF has extensive experience working with some of the top global medtech, pharmaceutical and health sciences companies, providing full end-to-end design, manufacture and assembly solutions.

All of our products are designed, developed and manufactured in line with stringent international quality management standards. Our highly skilled team has the expertise and experience required to manage and produce high quality precision components and sub-assemblies, with a key focus on design for manufacturing (DFM) engineering practices.

We have experience in manufacturing using a wide range of FDA approved Engineering Steels and plastics. In collaboration with our surface treatment partners, we offer a wide range of finishing, testing and cleaning processes.

We offer a complete product lifecycle solution from design through to development for one-off solutions or contract manufacturing requirements. DPF always puts the customer first and looks to provide the best possible solution. This is achieved through collaboration, as well as our drive to always deliver more.

Our advanced machining capabilities and supply chain management services coupled with our quality and innovation-driven approach gives customers confidence in the knowledge that we deliver value in a time-efficient manner for even the most complex products. We actively encourage our team to push boundaries to get the best results possible.

Standards and Certificates:


AS9100 Rev D


Sector(s) Served:

Med-Tech; Semicon; Aerospace; High-Tech

Key Clients:

Merck Sharpe & Dohme



Boston Scientific

Spirit Aerosystems

Geographical Market(s) Served:

We can supply Globally.

We currently supply USA, UK and Europe

Contact Details:

Tel: +353876847849

Email: seamus@dpf.ie

Website: www.dpf.ie

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