Genesis Automation

Genesis Automation

Genesis Automation


Business Description

Genesis provide innovative healthcare value-chain solutions which improve patient safety, cut costs and eliminate waste for both healthcare and technology providers.

Products and Services

Genesis Improves Patient Safety & Outcomes, whilst increasing value and cost efficiency. It enables value based care by measuring resources, costs and outcomes at a patient level. It automates Clinician tracking of Patient and interactions with care givers. It Benchmarks variation and best practice. Genesis also accelerates value-chain efficiency by working with Clinicians, Buyers, and technology providers on clinical product choice and inventory optimization.

Value Proposition

Genesis provides better patient safety whist at the same time saving money for both Providers and Suppliers.

Standards and Certificates

ISO:14001 ISO:9001:2008 Patent (Ireland) 85742

Sector(s) Served

• IT for Health

Key Clients

• Healthcare Providers • Healthcare Suppliers

Key Partners


Geographical Market(s) Served

United States of America (USA), United Kingdom (UK)


Hibernian House 5200 Avenue 5000 Cork Airport Business Park Cork

Contact Details

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