Glanta Limited T/A Surewash

Glanta Limited T/A Surewash

Glanta Limited T/A Surewash

Business Description

SureWash was conceived with the mission of reducing the incidence of Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAIs) globally. The WHO and the CDC estimate that approximately 50% of HAIs are as a result of poor hand hygiene practices. Our platform uses advanced gesture recognition technology to train healthcare professionals, patients and visitors the approved technique for hand washing. We track the behaviour of users during each pose of a hand hygiene event giving both real-time and aggregated feedback on best practice. In this manner facilities are implement a multimodal approach to infection control saving costs and delivering efficiencies in patient safety and engagement.

Products and Services

The core products are kiosk based training devices, the cart based system (SureWash ELITE) and a portable or wall-mountable unit (SureWash GO). Both systems incorporate cutting edge, patented gesture recognition systems and intuitive UI/UX to guide users through the correct procedure for a hand hygiene event. It is designed to be stand-alone providing a 24/7 training opportunity brought to the staff on ward/unit rather than the traditional classroom base.
We are the only technology currently delivering fully objective and validated hand hygiene training. Other technologies in the space such as glow-boxes, eLearning platforms whilst useful are inferior. The former demonstrates coverage but not technique while the latter does not afford real-time feedback or tracking on competency. Our validated technology develops psychomotor skills and muscle memory based on established learning techniques (Kaisen model) meaning the retention of technique is embedded long after the training is complete.

Value Proposition

The value proposition is trifold. As previously referenced clinical studies have demonstrated overall savings post implementation in terms of HAI associated costs but also the hidden invoice of lost opportunities in terms of bed days. That is separate and aside from the associated training and productivity efficiencies which comes from having the training opportunity available 24/7 with complete records for full audit trail. Lastly there is the ultimate goal of protecting lives and keeping patients and staff alike safe from the spread of infections in the healthcare setting.

Key Clients

NHS and Sodexo US.

Key Partners

Sodexo US, GOJO and Diversey.

Sector(s) Served

Healthcare, food services.

Geographical Market(s) Served

US, UK & Europe


The Tower, Trinity Enterprise Centre, Pearse St, Dublin 2 D02 AR20

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