Irish Micro Mouldings

Irish Micro Mouldings

Irish Micro Mouldings


Business Description

Irish Micro Mouldings is an expert overmoulder, micromoulder and moulder of all thermoplastics and bio-absorable materials. Irish Micro Mouldings offers creative design solutions and a quick turnaround in a one-stop-shop. Developer and producer of product for the medical devices, pharma and life science industries. Supplier to major multinational medical device companies.

Products and Services

Concept and prototyping
• Research design and concepts;
• Prototype tooling and testing;
• Customer requirements.
Product design
• Detailed product design;
• Mould flow analysis;
• Material selection;
• Design verification.
Mould design and manufacture
• Low volume tooling;
• Process selection – standard moulding, overmoulding, micromoulding, insert moulding;
• Cavitation – single or multi-impression;
• Gating options – cold/hot runner;
• Mould manufacture.
• Design of experiments;
• Process validation;
• Measurement systems analysis;
• Statistical analysis.
• Production ramp up – low to high volume capabilities;
• Value add opportunities for medical devices;
• Finishing processes – EMI/RFI shielding, cosmetic painting, printing, welding, ultrasonics, assembly;
• Class 8 cleanroom;

Value Proposition

Irish Micro Mouldings is an expert provider of sophisticated solutions for the Medical Device and Life Science industry. Irish Micro Mouldings offers a full range of services, expertise, technologies, highly controlled and exact manufacturing processes that enable customers to take a project from concept, part design through to mould design, product development, prototyping, full production and commercialisation.

Standards and Certificates

Standards & Certifications
ISO 9001 2008 ISO 13485 2003 and ISO 13485 2012

Sector(s) Served

Medical, Pharma, Life Science

Geographical Market(s) Served

Ireland, Europe & USA


Aille, Inverin, Co. Galway

Contact Details

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