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ITW Medical

ITW Medical

Business Description

Illinois Tool Works, Inc. (NYSE:ITW) was founded in 1912 as a manufacturer of metal cutting tools. In nearly 100 years of business, ITW has been focused on creating value-added products for key customers. This innovative strategy has allowed ITW to grow internally and through outside acquisitions. Today, ITW is a $16.2 billion diversified manufacturer of highly engineered components and industrial systems and consumables. The company consists of approximately 825 business units in 52 countries and employs roughly 60,000 people worldwide.

ITW began making filtration-related products in the early 1970’s for the automotive and industrial markets. This filtration business unit grew until the late 1980’s when it became an independent business. In 2012, ITW Medical was formed to provide focused medical device development and manufacturing support to global customers.

ITW Medical has 11 manufacturing locations with technical expertise that support each product line and customer. ITW also has worldwide locations that help support global medical fluid management, filtration and flow control needs.

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