Kinesis Health Technologies

Kinesis Health Technologies

Kinesis Health Technologies


Business Description

Kinesis are a medical device company, developing solutions for intelligent healthcare diagnostics. Our products are used by healthcare professionals to obtain greater clinical insight in assessing movement using wearable sensor-based technologies; products are applicable in a broad range of patient cohorts across geriatrics, neurology and orthopedics. Kinesis has developed proprietary technologies for healthcare professionals that improves the ability to identify patients at risk of falling and assess mobility in a broad range of patient cohorts. Kinesis products are used to identify those in the community at risk of falling as well as measure patient response to therapy & rehabilitation

Products and Services

Kinesis QTUG™ is a sensor based clinical assessment of mobility, gait and falls risk. QTUG™ instruments the standard Timed Up and Go test with sensors and creates accurate and objective clinical measurement of patient’s risk of falling, gait and mobility. Kinesis Gait™ is a portable solution that provides clinical grade gait assessment and is suitable to use in multiple environments. The product instruments a number of standard gait assessments and provides real time analysis and reporting. Our products simple to use and implement sophisticated evidence-based analytics. The patented algorithms behind the products provides immediate results, based on eight years of peer reviewed research published in top-tier international scientific journals. Our products refer to a large reference dataset and population that not only measure patient’s performance but also interpret their status compared to the population.

Value Proposition

Kinesis QTUG™ and Gait™ transform the manner in which patient’s gait, mobility and falls risk are assessed by utilising precise, objective and accurate measurement and interpretation. By using our products, health services can improve their ability to: • Risk stratify a population to determine who would benefit from therapy and rehabilitation to allocate services more effectively. • Measure the impact of an intervention by objectively measuring a patients’ response to treatment. • Improve the continuum of care by ensuring a standard, robust and reliable measure is applied across primary, secondary and residential care services. • Generate additional revenue and services by using best in class computerised assessment which can unlock additional reimbursements and payments. Kinesis products include a unique and large reference dataset that ensures patients are not only measured they are compared to their peers and the population and identifies any mobility impairment a patient may have.

Standards and Certificates

CE marking as medical device Certification to EN60601 and EN60950

Sector(s) Served

• Healthcare • Clinical trials

Key Clients

• NHS (London, Sheffield, Birmingham, Essex, Berkshire)• Solutions4Health • Vhi • St Vincents Hospital Group • Boston University • Medstar • UCSF • CRO & Pharma

Key Partners

• Intel • Care Innovations • Shimmer • Spectrum Health

Geographical Market(s) Served

United States of America (USA), United Kingdom (UK), Canada, Australia, Ireland


Nexus University College Dublin Block 10, Belfield Office Park Clonskeagh Dublin 4

Contact Details

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