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Business Description

LZ Lifescience (www.lzlifescience.com) provides modern MES solutions specifically designed to meet the requirements of the lifescience industry. LZ Lifescience is focused on delivering superior manufacturing productivity to the highly competitive life sciences sector, including pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical devices and diagnostics, for branded, generic and contract manufacturers.

Products and Services

Shopfloor-Online™ Lifescience Edition has been specially developed to meet the challenges of the lifescience manufacturing sector, with: - Electronic Batch Records (eBR) - Electronic Device History Records (eDHR) - Weigh & Dispense - Equipment, Maintenance, Quality and Inventory Management - OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) - Electronic Line Logbooks - Setup/ Cleaning Workflows With Shopfloor-Online™ Lifescience Edition you can: - Eliminate the burden of paper records - Enable quality to work in parallel with production – not post production - Enable review by exception, allowing you to deal with atypical events faster - Witness productivity gains of over 25% - Expect a typical ROI of less than 12 months Having expertise in lifescience manufacturing and MES lifecycles, we work alongside our customers as partners to help them at each phase of the project: Consulting: Implementation and Support

Value Proposition

The manufacture of Pharmaceuticals, Biopharmaceuticals, Medical Devices and Diagnostics is a competitive, fast moving and highly regulated industry. It is essential that Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) meet the specific challenges of the industry and regulators. However, MES Solutions are often prohibitively expensive for contract and generics manufacturers. Our solution, Shopfloor-Online™ Lifescience Edition, has been specially developed to meet both the production and compliance challenges while remaining affordable through a number of innovations: - Modular licence structure – only pay for what you need - Fast implementation – through reusable library objects and zero customisation - Easy integration – with standard interface technologies - Web-based Architecture – can be hosted in-house or via cloud provider - Low hardware footprint – no prescribed or proprietary hardware - Typical ROI is < 12 months LZ Lifescience enables contract and generics manufacturers to increase manufacturing competitiveness with rapid implementation capability to lock in manufacturing gains using a proven platform. We bring an industry leading breadth of experience to solving the need for an affordable Manufacturing Execution System (MES). Shopfloor-Online™ Lifescience Edition enables Operations Managers to view production and quality information simultaneously in real-time, not only reducing errors and paperwork but highlighting and rectifying exceptions earlier, resulting in ‘Right First Time’ manufacturing practices and facilitating fast product release.

 Sector(s) Served

• Pharmaceuticals • Biotechnology • Medical Devices • Diagnostics

Key Clients

• West Pharmaceuticals • Dentsply • Becton Dickinson (BD) • iHolland

Key Partners

• Zenith Technologies • Lighthouse Systems Ltd.

Geographical Market(s) Served

Ireland, United Kingdom (UK), United States of America (USA), France, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, India, Singapore


4 The Courtyard Kilcarberry Business Park Nangor Road, Clondalkin Dublin 22

Contact Details

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