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MEG Support Tools

MEG Support Tools


Business Description

MEG are making life easier for busy healthcare workers with digital clinical support tools which engage staff, measure effectiveness and improve clinical performance. Vision: To enable frontline medical workers to spend more time with patients and less time with administrative workloads, helping to create a paperless clinical environment.

Mission: To reduce hospitals acquired infections with improved hygiene auditing and software to reduce resistance to antibiotics by improving antimicrobial stewardship in hospitals.

Products and Services

Creating and developing software for frontline workers in acute care:
Products Include:
1/ Medical EGuides Mobile App distribution system for delivering medical guidelines to healthcare workers at the point of care. Including a cloud platform for hospitals admins to update guidelines and communicate with staff.
2/ MEG Audits: Streamlining hygiene and clinical auditing /compliance reporting with easy to use mobile apps and online reporting tools.

Value Proposition

MEG has a range of clinical tools which is supporting frontline healthcare workers in delivering care to their patients and improving healthcare outcomes. Providing them with easy to use mobile apps and software solutions which they can access easily on their own mobile devices, it frees them up from time consuming paper based administrative tasks which allows them to spend more time with their patients.

Existing solutions in this area rely on access to desktop computers and are in many cases are not use friendly or accessible at the point of care. With mobile device usage gaining acceptance in healthcare we are capitalising on the move from paper based towards digital solutions.

Standards and Certificates

CDC HA-VTE Prevention Honourable Mention IIA NetVisionary Award: Best mobile service or app for fast moving businesses.

Sector(s) Served

• Medical Software

Key Clients

Our clients include primary and acute care organisations and pharmaceutical companies in Ireland, UK and Australia.

Ireland: Blackrock Clinic, Bonsecours group, St.Vincents, SVPH, OLOL Drogheda, Rotunda, Mater, Connolly and other hospitals Australia: Ramsay Pharmacy chain, North Adelaide Hospital UK: Christies NHS Manchester

Geographical Market(s) Served

• Ireland •  United Kingdom (UK) •  Australia


The Digital Depot
Thomas Street
Dublin 8

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