Meditec Medical

Meditec Medical

Meditec Medical

Business Description:

Meditec Medical, a wholly Irish owned company, with headquarters in Dublin, has been designing, manufacturing, and delivering cutting edge technology in the area of pressure relief mattresses, and patient support surfaces. We are driven to the provision of products, supported by clinical evidence, in order that the healthcare professional can enhance patient care. Meditec Medical is synonymous with quality innovative medical equipment. Today with a host of therapeutic support surfaces we can offer the most complete range of pressure relief surfaces for patients at any risk level, and in any setting. In addition to the provision of products manufactured by ourselves, we constantly seek out overseas manufacturers of premium medical equipment, in order that we can source products consistent with our standards, that will enable us to enhance patient care.

Products and Services:

We design and manufacture of our products. We specialise in foam, gel & Air mattresses . We supply beds and mattresses to the hospitals for rentals. We also look after the maintenace of these products.

Value Proposition:

At Meditec Medical, we are committed to enhancing patient care, through our cutting edge therapeutic support surfaces and dedicated service. We support healthcare professionals and their patients with effective solutions that treat and prevent pressure ulcers. Our team Research and Development Team work hand in hand with our customers to design and manufacture pressure relieving mattresses and related products. Better Patient outcome for less costs.

Standards and Certificates:


Sector(s) Served:

Med Devices; Medical Sub-Supply

Key Clients:


Key Partners:

Eureva, Medux, gerromed, PRS, ICF

Geographical Market(s) Served:

UK, Europe and the USA

Contact Details:

Tel: +353 14624045