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Metabolomic Diagnostics

Business Description:

Metabolomic Diagnostics will make pregnancy safer for all by developing novel and personalized pregnancy risk prediction solutions. In 2021 an unacceptable number of women and babies die due to bad pregnancy outcomes. Current clinical practice does not identify adequately women whose pregnancies are at risk.

The company’s vision is to develop a portfolio of screening products identifying women whose pregnancies are at risk of complication such as preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, preterm birth, and in-uterine growth restriction. When we know who is at risk there are known interventions that can improve outcomes.

In collaboration with leading clinical researchers worldwide, Metabolomic Diagnostics’ team have used mass spectrometry-based workflows to analyse 1000’s of pregnancy samples, which allows us to verify a panel of biomarkers relevant for the prediction of pregnancy risk.

Our initial focus is on Preeclampsia in pregnancy. Preeclampsia is unpredictable– often presenting suddenly and progressing rapidly to serious complications, including death of both mother and baby. Metabolomic Diagnostics first product will identify those women that are at risk of developing Preeclampsia, helping both the women and her clinician to manage the pregnancy towards a safer outcome.

Products and Services:

Metabolomic Diagnostics will Transform the Prenatal Screening Market Globally by introducing a suite of pregnancy risk screening products. Our first product PrePsia™ is a clinical assay workflow which can predict pregnancy complications early in pregnancy. PrePsia™ for Preeclampsia prototype is now ready for market and predicts a woman’s risk of developing Preeclampsia later in pregnancy.

Preeclampsia affects approx. 5% of Pregnancies, the only cure is to deliver the baby and this is often prematurely which has obvious serious consequences. Due to the preterm delivery the costs of preeclampsia are significant- both in the immediate aftermath and due to lifelong complications associated with it, in 2012 costs associated with Preeclampsia were $ 2.18billion in the US

It is clearly recognised as an unmet clinical need with the FDA specifically calling it out as an example for Expedited approval pathways.
PrePsia™ for Preeclampsia is the first in our suite of pregnancy risk screening products.

Value Proposition:

The Challenge with Preeclampsia is its complexity- PrePsia™’s USP is that it addresses the complexity and the fact that not all women are the same and subsequently not all Preeclampsia is the same.

PrePsia™ is high throughput screening for a variety of biomarkers in early pregnancy samples. Reading of these biomarkers in early pregnancy blood samples can tell the mother and her clinician if she is likely at risk of Preeclampsia. Her care can then be tailored including preventative drug treatment and closer monitoring which has been shown to improve outcomes. For example, including the initiation of treatments in early pregnancy, can dramatically reduce the incidence of preterm preeclampsia up to 62%.
PrePsia™ can improve outcomes for mother and babies, while also reducing the economic burden of Preeclampsia on healthcare systems.

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