Business Description

myPatientSpace is an eHealth company enabling healthcare organizations and life science companies to provide personalized digital engagement for their patients.
Founded in 2017 in Dublin, myPatientSpace aims to improve patient experience and outcomes, reduce costs and drive overall efficiency in care.

Products and Services

The myPatientSpace SaaS platform is a smart engine that automates engagement and task management across the patient’s pathway, freeing staff and clinicians to do their job while knowing their patients are informed with the right information at the right time.
The platform and Web UI enables rapid configuration and branding for any pathway and any provider.
The myPatientSpace Apps for IOS and Android are the patient’s digital companion through their care journey – bringing together education, task management, surveys, proms and provider collaboration.
Our products help care teams stay connected with patients and their families, and improve outcomes through better engagement.

Value Proposition

Improve patient outcomes through smart engagement, for any pathway.
myPatientSpace is a scalable eHealth platform for patient engagement. We enable healthcare providers and life science companies to provide digital engagement to their patients for any treatment type. Our platform can be branded and rapidly configured for any pathway. myPatientSpace app is the patient’s treatment companion, bringing together education, consent, tasks, patient data and provider collaboration. Our smart engine automates engagement and tasks across the patient’s pathway ensuring patients are provided the right information at the right time – supporting better outcomes, improving patient experience, gathering data, reducing costs and driving efficiency in care.

We have built a complete end-to-end solution in the Orthopedics space for Total Joint Replacements, and are working with healthcare providers in several other areas, including Sleep Apnea, Asthma, Osteoporosis, and Oncology.

Standards and Certificates

GDPR, HIPAA, CE certification in progress.
Sectors Served
Digital Health,
Life Sciences,
Health Care Providers,
Health Insurance/Payers

Key Clients

Healthcare Providers, Life Science companies, Pharmaceuticals, and payers.
e.g. Mater Private Hospital, ResMed-PEI.

Key Partners

Oxford University: We have a reseller agreement for the Oxford outcomes scores and are a validated BYOD epro vendor.
ResMed: We have an integration with ResMed Airview Sleep Cloud.

Geographical Market(s) Served

Currently in Ireland. Starting to work with clients in the UK, the Middle East, and North America.


Marine Court Centre,
Co Dublin,


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