Novaerus Ltd

Novaerus Ltd

Novaerus Ltd

Business Description

Novaerus is on a mission to reduce indoor airborne pollutants that lead to infection, allergies and irritation. Our portable air disinfection units use patented ultra-low energy plasma technology to reduce airborne viruses, bacteria, particulate, mould spores, VOCs, allergens and odours. Novaerus plasma is powerful, yet gentle. With no harmful by-products, it is safe for continued use around vulnerable populations. Novaerus units are easy to use, affordable and plug into any outlet. Our ultra-low energy plasma technology has been independently tested and is trusted by hundreds of healthcare facilities around the world for safe, continuous, and effective air disinfection.

Products and Services

Novaerus portable units are simple to use, low-maintenance and highly effective for rapid or continuous infection control, odour mitigation, and particle reduction. Designed for continuous air disinfection and odour control in small and medium indoor spaces, the Novaerus Protect 800/200 use patented filter-free ultra-low energy plasma technology with a two-speed or single-speed fan. Can be wall-mounted and plug into any outlet. The NV800 can also be placed on a stand. The Novaerus Defend 1050, designed for rapid remediation in large spaces and situations with high risk of infection, uses our patented ultra-low energy plasma technology combined with a triple-stage Camfil® filter system to provide a combined solution for air disinfection and particle removal. The free-standing unit can be wheeled easily to point of care and plugs into any outlet.

Value Proposition

In Europe alone, 4.5 million episodes of nosocomial infections occur every year. Reducing that number demands a comprehensive hygiene protocol for disinfecting hands, surfaces, and the air. For the most effective, safe, easy-to-use, and affordable technology for air disinfection, look no further than Novaerus. Novaerus patented plasma has been independently tested and proven to deactivate airborne bacteria and viruses, neutralise VOCs, and reduce particulate such as mould spores, dust mites, pollen, and dander.

Standards and Certificates

ISO 9001 ISO 14971 Complies to UL867 CE Certificate of Conformity EMC Certificate

Sector(s) Served

• Healthcare (Hospitals, Ambulance & Rescue Vehicles, Senior Care Facilities) • In Vitro Fertilization Labs • Medical Clinics • Medtech

Key Clients

• 400+ Hospitals • 400+ ambulances • 300+ senior living facilities • 30+ other healthcare (dialysis, IVF, hospice) • 400+ schools

Key Partners

• Distribution partners worldwide

Geographical Market(s) Served

Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), United States of America (USA), France, Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom (UK)


Oyster Point Temple Road Blackrock Co Dublin

Contact Details

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