Business Description:

OpenApp provide software solutions and services to record patient data (registries) in many global projects, and provide data analytics services and health applications to the Irish health services. Examples of European projects include: CPMS – the collaborative rare disease platform available in over 1000 rare disease expert centres throughout the EU; a registry for the European Cystic Fibrosis Patient Registry with nearly 50,000 patients; SMArtCARE which provides a SMA patient registry and clinical information system to expert centres in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Spain; and many more patient registries in the EU, US and the Far East.

We take a definition of the data to be recorded, configure our platform, and work with our clients to ensure that the workflow, usability and consistency of the data meets the highest quality. We can roll out a registry in a few weeks, and maintain the IT systems. We generally deploy in any ISO27001 secure data centre to the clients specification, and combine this with our own internal ISO27001 security levels to provide the highest security stance possible.

We have nearly 50 IT experts across the domains of project management, security, usability, design, software development, IT medical systems, deployment, and system support.

Products and Services:

Patient registries can be used to capture real world data for rare diseases, complex or chronic long term conditions. OpenApp have a platform called ClinicalInsight which is the basis of our service for configuring patient registries. This platform has many features to support the collection of real world data (RWD) from clinical data, mirroring clinical workflows. The client specifies the structured data to be collected, and we work with them to configure our platform to meet these requirements. The platform can be configured with any standard data types, with many clinical coding lookups, branching logic, valid logic and supporting business rules. The platform is most frequently used to record longitudinal clinical data or patient entered data, and has also been configure to record data for clinical trials. There are many additional aspects to aide the data manager, including source data verification, operational reporting, configurable dashboards, and CDISC exports.

The platform also has HL7, DICOM, and video conferencing integrations allowing reduction of double input where possible.

All of our deployments are backed by our IT security experts, and a fully staffed service desk with experienced application engineers.

Value proposition:

For clients wanting a quick turnaround to record deep clinical data in a very efficient, usable, and secure manner our platform is one of the best. The platform has been built from the ground up with the requirements of GDPR around dynamic consent, restricted processing, etc. Our team of analysts, project managers, and application specialists will work with you using an agile approach to quickly get a working registry available. The registry will be available on any modern web browser, and is also mobile ready. We have worked with many demanding clinical teams and know the standard needed to impress! We will work closely with you to ensure that the ethics process for the data security and processing is straight-forward. Our service management will ensure that the service runs 24×7 and our application support engineers available to answer any questions and to resolve issues quickly.

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Digital Health; Other

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Azure, AWS, Linode, Vonage

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We supply globally

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Tel: +353 1 872 9331