Business Description

Ostoform is a spin out from the Bio Innovate programme University of Limerick. The company has developed a novel medical device that significantly reduces skin complications amongst people who use ostomy appliances.

Products and Services

Ostoform will sell a Class I medical device to be used by people who have a stoma. The device is a completely novel, patent protected, ostomy seal that prevents damaging stoma output from coming into contact with the patient’s skin. This has been largely achieved by the development of a FLOWASSIST seal attachment which effectively ensures that the stoma output flows away from the skin and more efficiently into the pouch. Clinical trials indicate strong efficacy and user compliance.

The device is typically reimbursed by governments. A person with a stoma would typically use approximately 20 devices per month.

Value Proposition

Ostoform intends to become a leader in Ostomy Skin Health. Skin complications and fear of leakage are very prevalent amongst those people who have a stoma. This often gives rise to a poor quality of life for Ostomates. These problems have never been adequately addressed by others in this healthcare sector. Ostoform has a very specific focus and is bringing real and effective innovation to a market that has seen little or no change for many years. Ostoform have developed unique patent protected concepts specifically for keeping Ostomates’ skin healthy. This in turn, leads to improved confidence in the appliance they use and significantly in their quality of life and self esteem.

Standards and Certificates

Ostoform’s first product range is CE registered and FDA approved.

Sector(s) Served

• Medical Device

• Medtech

Geographical Market(s) Served

The first product range will be available for international markets from Q4 2019.

Key Partners

Ostoform is now engaging with relevant international business partners.


Unit B120, The LINC

I.T. Blanchardstown

Blanchardstown Road North

Dublin 15

Contact Details

01 857255325