Business Description:

RelateCare provides the very best in Healthcare Contact Center Consulting, Clinical and Wellness Programs, Contact Center Outsourcing and Specialized Support Services to healthcare organizations.

Product and services:

Healthcare Contact Center Consulting

Contact Centers are typically seen as cost centers in many healthcare organizations. RelateCare’s consultancy services transform contact centers into pivotal value adding revenue generators for healthcare organizations. Our team of experienced contact center consultants and clinical professionals are experts in the design and implementation best-in-class patient access and patient engagement solutions.

Business Process Outsourcing

Delivering quality patient care is much more than just delivering knowledgeable clinical support to patients within the four walls of a hospital. RelateCare’s non-clinical outsourcing communication solutions enable healthcare organizations to focus on their core competencies. RelateCare’s contact centers act as a virtual extension of an organizations existing operations. RelateCare’s contact centers operate 24/7 and are equipped with the latest technology and resources necessary to provide an elevated patient experience.

Clinical and Wellness Programs

Healthcare organizations are under tremendous pressure to ensure clinical personnel are being utilized to the top of their licensure. RelateCare’s team of experienced Registered Nurses, Medical Assistants and Health Coaches empower healthcare organizations to seamlessly manage and co-ordinate patient care journeys. RelateCare Nurse Triage, Post Discharge follow up, and Wellness Solutions ensure patients receive the right level of care and support when they need it.”

Value proposition:

We help healthcare providers deliver the optimum patient experience for the benefit of both patient and provider. With our specialist expertise, technology, and support services we elevate patient engagement.

Based on our domain expertise and research practice, we design strategies for patient engagement and implementation blueprints to improve the Strategic Health of the [healthcare] provider’s business.

Guiding the patient from early access, through scheduling, post-discharge and billing management, we augment the relationship between patient and provider. We manage the Patient Journey to alleviate stress for the provider and the patient.

We improve your Operational Fitness with our contingent expert workforce, management intelligence, and quality assurance services. We measure positive business outcomes through industry analytics and deliver continuous improvement for both patient and provider.

Standards and Certificates:

ISO 27001 Certification Europe

Sector(s) Served:

Digital Health; Healthcare

Key Clients:

Cleveland Clinic, HSE, Allina Health,

Dell Technologies, Arkphire,Key Partners:

Geographical market (s) served:

USA, UK, Canada

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Tel: +353 14402634559



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