Salaso Health Solutions

Salaso Health Solutions

Salaso Health Solutions

Business Description:

Pioneers in delivering Precision Exercise programs, Salaso Health Solutions was founded in 2011, in Tralee, Co Kerry. It provides the infrastructure to deliver clinically based precision exercise programs in a variety of healthcare settings providing operational efficiencies and improved outcomes.

Product and Services:

The company is currently working with US based primary care providers to provide care pathways in a primary care setting across a range of acute and chronic conditions.

For employers, its tools are used for both employee well-being and workforce safety programs. In this environment, it provides programs for both the prevention and recovery from injury, reducing the economic burden of musculoskeletal (MSK) injuries in the workforce and driving meaningful return on investment for its customers. Utilising a custom designed proprietary algorithm that references almost 3 million clinical studies and papers, its triage tool directs a patient to either self-management, physical therapy, Primary Care Provider, or emergency care.

In a pharmaceutical and biotech setting, its product set is being used as a supplementary tool to reduce the MSK related side effects inherent to many therapies for chronic conditions, promising to improve patient adherence to drugs as well as overall patient health.

Salaso is integrated with both Allscripts and EPIC EHR systems. 

Value proposition:

Salaso is used extensively by healthcare professionals in both Europe and North America where it delivers precision exercise programs and hence improves the outcome and efficiency of the healthcare systems.

The use of Salaso’s tools provides much greater efficiency in the management of patients in all these settings, either in delivering faster recovery, better chronic disease management, or more efficient management of patients.

Salaso is perfectly positioned to enable practitioners across healthcare to use the proposed new Remote Therapeutic Monitoring codes effective from 1/1/2022.  Remote other remote services such as telehealth, allow for effective and efficient management of patients in both remote and face to face settings.

In an employer setting, its prevention and recovery tools can reduce the cost on self-insurance programs, workers compensation and absenteeism caused by MSK complaints. Salaso also enables a culture of exercise and wellness with innovative tools that bring teams closer together.

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Digital Health; Healthcare; Medical

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HSE, Northwell

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Ireland, UK, USA

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Tel: +353 667171976



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