Salaso Health Solutions ltd

Salaso Health Solutions ltd

Salaso Health Solutions ltd

Business Description:

At Salaso, we are passionate about the power and value of exercise to enhance recovery from injury and support the management of pain and musculoskeletal conditions. We firmly believe that there’s always an exercise that can help. Regardless of whether you are an elite athlete recovering from injury, someone dealing with an ongoing chronic painful condition or if you are recovering from an operation such as a total hip replacement, we believe that there is always an exercise that can improve your physical health and wellbeing.

Product and services:

Exercise Prescription, Wellness, Prevention and Recovery

Value proposition:

precision exercise, health and wellness, employee wellness, employee well-being, injury prevention, exercise therapy, risk management, employee engagement, exercise prescription, and MSK triage

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Sector(s) Served:

Digital Health; Healthcare; Medical

Key Clients:

HSE, Northwell

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Geographical sectors served:

Ireland, UK, USA

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Tel: +353 667171976



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