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Schivo Medical

Schivo Medical

Business Description:

Schivo Medical are an OEM Contract Manufacturing partner with more than 25 years’ experience in the manufacturing & development of complex components, sub-assemblies, & instruments for global leaders in the Life Sciences space. Our vertically integrated manufacturing capabilities encompass; micro-machining, fabrication, coating, electro-mechanical subassembly, full build cleanroom assembly, and package design & verification.

Our experienced engineering and design teams assist clients from the early concept phase, to prototyping, through all levels of manufacturing ensuring that whether our clients are in need of individual sub-components or full product builds, Schivo are the perfect partner to ensure that their product is brought to market quickly and efficiently.

Schivo recently announced the acquisition of Supreme Screw Products, a leading supplier of precision machining, laser processing, and assembly services for the medical device market, based out of Plain View, New York.

This acquisition, along with recent investments in additive manufacturing, precision machinery and electromechanical assembly capabilities in our Waterford based facility, has greatly strengthened Schivo’s Design and Manufacturing capabilities as we look to position ourselves as a truly global leader in the Life Sciences OEM market.

Products and Services:

At Schivo, we pride ourselves on being the perfect partner to help bring our client’s products from initial concept through to at scale manufacture. We do this through a combination of;
– Design for Manufacture
– Vendor Supply Management
– Fast Turnaround Prototyping

Our broad range of capabilities encompass:
Precision Technologies
– Automated 11 Axis Swiss Machining
– Micro Machining
– 3D Manufacturing
– 3,4,5 Axis Automated Machining
– Wire EDM
– Laser Tube Cutting, Marking & Welding
– Integrated Cobot Machining

Coatings & Treatments
– Passivation
– Clear & Hard Anodising
– Xylan Coating
– Alochrome
– Electroless Nickel Plating
– Titanium Class II Anodizing
– Ceramic Brush Deburring
– Dry ICE Deburring

– Design and build electrical control systems
– Design schematics for control panel
– Field & control wiring
– Electro-mechanical assembly
– ESD controlled areas
– Insulation Testing
– RF-ID tag Insertion

Mechanical Assembly
– Electro-mechanical precision assembly
– ISO 7 & 8 Cleanrooms
– Controlled white room areas
– Full label printing capabilities
– Integrated Cobot Assembly

Value Proposition:

Schivo’s 25 plus years of experience in the OEM Contract Manufacturing space has allowed us to build the extensive range of design & manufacturing capabilities along with the global supplier base required to ensure we are the perfect partner to assist our clients at every stage of their product’s life cycle.

Standards and Certificates:

Registered to ISO13485:2016.
ISO class 7 & 8 cleanrooms.
In-house Six Sigma Greenbelts / Blackbelts.

Sector(s) Served:

Diagnostics; Life Sciences; Med Devices; Medical Sub-Supply; Medtech

Key Clients:

Leading Medical & Life Science Companies

Geographical Market(s) Served:


Contact Details:

Tel: 51337376

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