Business Description:

Softworks provides cloud-based Workforce Management Solutions for the management of healthcare employee:


Time and Attendance

Flexible Working

Patient Acuity

Absence Management

We help healthcare organizations reduce manual tasks and administration, streamline processes, increase productivity and reduce costs through improved management, scheduling and utilization of labor resources.

Our solutions have been designed to address the healthcare sector’s unique challenges and provide a completely automated workforce management environment helping healthcare providers manage the balance between workforce availability and patient needs.

Softworks works with healthcare organizations including Hospitals, Care Homes, Nursing Homes, Home Care and Community Care Providers. We have been in business since 1990 and have offices in the UK, Ireland, Canada, USA, Italy and Germany.


Scheduling/ Rostering:

Helping healthcare organizations to manage complex scheduling is our specialty. Our Scheduling/Rostering solution covers employee hours, annual leave, planned and unplanned absences and can create automated schedules that take into account employee preferences, skills and patient needs.

Our employee scheduling and optimization solution automates schedules in an equitable manner so your organization can drive efficiencies and reduce the need for costly agency staff while at the same time delivering exceptional patient care through safe staff scheduling based on patient dependency levels.

Time and Attendance:

Softworks allows you to build a clear picture of employee time through detailed data and reports on hours worked, absences, overtime, flexi-balances, employee schedules and leave of all types. Completely configurable, it automates all of your organisation’s pay rules and ensures you are fully compliant with legislation.


Designed to automate and reduce the complex and time consuming administrative work associated with learning and skills management, Softworks effortlessly tracks, manages and reports on employees’ skills, certifications and learning activities.

Our solution integrates with all leading Payroll and HR providers or you can use Softworks as your HR system.

Value proposition:

Softworks Workforce Management solutions helps you automate complex scheduling, drive efficiencies, cut costs, reduce absenteeism and ensure regulatory compliance, while simultaneously delivering exceptional patient care.

Our Workforce Management solution brings together management information on employee hours, attendance, schedules, annual leave, sickness, planned absences, employee preferences and skills. By having this information centrally, managers can easily create schedules that deliver high-quality, cost effective patient care within budget.

Healthcare organizations using Softworks experience the following benefits:

  • A significant reduction in time spent on creating and maintaining complex staff schedules.
  • Reduction in operating costs by making optimal use of existing workforce and minimizing the need for overtime, locums and agency staff.
  • Help in attracting, retaining and motivating employees by giving them more control and input over their work schedules through employee Self-Service.
  • Increased visibility of employee absences and leave, time in lieu and illness.
  • Ensuring organizations are compliant with labor law legislation
  • Easier management of Learning and Training and monitoring of Skills and Certifications.

Standards and Certificates:

ISO 27001

Fully GDPR Compliant

Sector(s) Served:

Healthcare; Med Devices; Medical Sub-Supply; Pharmaceutical, Bio Technology

Key Clients:

Beaumont Hospital, Bon Secours, Mater Private, St. Vincent’s Private Hospital, Beacon Hospital, Friends of the Elderly, Nua, Mercy University Hospital, NHS University Hospitals Bristol, Canadian Mental Health Association, Aran Biomedical, Fusion Antibodies.

Key Partners:

We integrate with all leading Payroll and HR Software providers.

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Tel: +353 12866126



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