Business Description:

SureWash revolutionizes hand hygiene training. The leading technology delivers on-site and remote training & assessment to the World Health Organization (WHO) protocol. The validated technology ensures training and education is accessible and convenient to help reduce Hospital Acquired Infections and improve patient outcomes. Training and re-training is accessible 24/7 for medical professionals, patients, and visitors. The system encourages self-directed learning and provides objective, real-time feedback on the user’s hand hygiene technique during training. Customisable lessons and quizzes support the practical training to address gaps in knowledge within a facility. All training data is accessible on the SureWash Reporting Suite for internal use and external inspections.

Products and Services:

Hand Hygiene Training & Infection Control Courses delivered through interactive kiosks and E-Learning platforms linked to an organizations Learning Management Systems. SureWash is used in over 250 Hospitals worldwide and the training is validated by numerous scientific studies.

Value Proposition:

SureWash takes a modern approach to delivering infection prevention and control (IPC) training in the healthcare setting. The engaging, interactive software system uses a live video camera to assess the users hand motions/technique. To help users improve their technique, real-time feedback is also provided throughout the training. SureWash shifts learning from the classroom setting into the hospital environment, making training available 24/7. We want quality training and retraining to be accessible for all healthcare workers, patients and visitors. To offer a complete solution, the lesson and quiz function allows for custom content to be delivered also. Infection control personnel can then access users training data on SureWash.Net. As a result, this enables the IPC team to evaluate and monitor hand hygiene progress and to guarantee positive results.

Standards and Certificates:

CPD Certified

Sector(s) Served:

Healthcare; Life Sciences; Other

Key Clients:

Hospital Groups

Key Partners:

Lighthouse Healthcare Partners, Sodexo, Rowad Medical Services.

Geographical Market(s) served:

All countries

Contact Details:

Tel: +353 16778894