Swiftqueue Technologies

Swiftqueue Technologies

Swiftqueue Technologies

Business Description:

Swiftqueue deliver an enterprise scheduling platform for healthcare to better manage the requirements of everyone involved – clinicians, administrators, health managers and patients.

Swiftqueue Enterprise Scheduling coordinates care across Primary Care, Community Care, Acute Hospitals and Specialty Clinics. Delivering a system of engagement that provides transparency, ease of use and valuable intelligence. The net result is a streamlined digital healthcare solution that supports all stakeholders and significantly reduces operational costs.

Products and Services:

Key solutions provided by Swiftqueue include:

  • Patient online access to book and amend patient’s clinical appointments.
  • Patient portal access to review future appointments and clinic details.
  • Cognitive Services for Voice Enabled and Chat bot appointment scheduling.
  • Captures Referrals electronically for central reservations office (CRO) to deliver efficient eWaiting, Triage and Discharge planning.
  • Automated registration, capacity planning and patient flow management.
  • Coordinated care delivery for multiple appointments within acute hospitals for Diagnostic departments, Day wards and OPD clinics.
  • Example specialities include: Oncology, Radiology, Phlebotomy and Endoscopy.
  • Patient portal access to care pathway information and patient questionnaires.
  • Domiciliary care scheduling for preventative care and early step down.
  • Scheduling of Telehealth consultations and supporting resources.
  • Two-way Integration with key systems of record including PAS, EMR, HIS, and clinical specialty solutions e.g. Radiology, Endoscopy and Document repositories.
  • Enable RPA with the Swiftqueue platform and enhancing the performance of interfaced applications.”

Value proposition:

Swiftqueue provides the baseline of a Digital Health Transformation by connecting patients to acute, community and primary care services. We bring simplicity and ease of use to the complex world of healthcare organisations. We streamline healthcare appointments for scheduled and unscheduled care settings. Examples include OPD departments, diagnostic clinics, day wards , treatment centres and efficient and effective Telehealth for scheduled and unscheduled care.

Swiftqueue Enterprise Scheduling introduces the opportunity for clinicians and patients (and their Carers) to deliver and engage in a new model of patient care that is capable of transforming their lives. By connecting patients to the digital care pathway, they are empowered to take greater ownership of their condition and their care pathways.

Standards and Certificates:


Sector(s) Served:

Diagnostics; Digital Health; Healthcare

Key Clients:

HSE in Ireland, NHS in UK and Province of Newfoundland & Labrador

Key Partners:

Dedalus, Change Healthcare, Soliton, UiPath, Mobia and Infomedix

Geographical Market(s) Served:

Ireland, UK, Canada, USA, Australia & New Zealand

Contact Details:

Tel: +353 (0)1 442 8968

Email: info@swiftqueue.com

Website: www.swiftqueue.com

Social media:

Twitter: @swiftqueue

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/swiftqueue