Tool and Plastic Industries

Tool and Plastic Industries

Tool and Plastic Industries


Business Description

Tool and Plastic Industries is a leading global sub contract manufacturer of precision moulded and assembled components for the healthcare, medical device & technical packaging sectors. Our areas of expertise cover a wide range of capabilities mainly, project management, multi-cavity, twin shot & insert moulding. We also assemble finished medical devices. Tool and Plastic along with our subsidiary Innovaplast which is based in Czech Republic supplies product to our extensive customer base in Europe and the US.

Products and Services

With 50 years’ experience and two European manufacturing locations, Tool and Plastic Industries specialises in offering competitive and innovative contract GMP Cleanroom moulding and assembly solutions to the global medical, pharmaceutical and consumer industry sectors.

Some of our additional core capabilities include:
• 2-shot Injection moulding
• Vertical moulding
• Insert moulding
• Printing capabilities
• Ultrasonic Welding
• Heat staking
• Adhesive bonding
• Leak Testing
• Secondary forming processes, drilling, tapping, inserting
• Labelling and final product packaging
• Sterilisation process management

Standards and Certificates

ISO13485, ISO9001.

Sector(s) Served

Medical, Pharmaceutical, Consumer packaging, Industrial.

Geographical Market(s) Served

UK, USA, Germany, France, Mexico, Slovakia, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Czech Republic.


Longford Business & Technology Park, Ballinalee Rd, Longford.

Contact Details

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